1. What You Need to Make Money on Craigslist

    I have spent the last few years working various gigs I found through Craigslist and I thought it’d be interesting to write about what you need to know to make money on Craigslist. First off, I always look for jobs under Gigs > Computer and when I don’t have any other work on the side or I’m short on money I check this about 1 hour everyday. I’ve realized that if you really want these gigs you need to reply their posts quick!

    One thing that helps a lot is having a Craigslist app/client that customizes the way Craigslist posts are displayed. I use a Craigslist app for iPhone that allows me to search Computer Gigs from multiple locations. While most of these out-of-state gigs that you will find require you to work on-site, I’ve also found a decent amount of gigs that weren’t like that. Needless to say, I was really desperate when I set that up.

    More importantly, go to ifttt.com (If This Then That) and set up a custom ifttt so that new items that show up on a custom craigslist search get emailed/texted/facebooked/twittered/etc. It’s a really nifty website that I also use to send me a text the night before if the weather forecast says it is raining the next day. Anyway, I have 2 ifttt’s for Craigslist where I get text notifications if someone posts on Craigslist with the keywords “website” or “html” under the Computer Gigs section.

    Now that most of the logistics are out of the way, here are the core topics I personally think you need to get a good number of gigs from Craigslist.

    What you need to know:

    • HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3 is a plus, HAML/SASS is a plus plus) - this is basic stuff, even non-website designers should know this stuff.
    • JavaScript/jQuery (jQueryUI is a +) - JavaScript is so useful that I don’t know any CS major/student I wouldn’t recommend learning at least the basics of.
    • WordPress (Drupal is a +) - By this I mean being able to create a custom theme and allow the users to edit their website’s contents by utilizing the Wordpress CMS.
    • SEO
    • E-Commerce - Paypal buttons are pretty easy, utilizing the Paypal API is what you want.

    Much less important but if you’ve mastered the list above:
    • Magento - I have heard requests for this so much. Wish I knew it so I could try to get those gigs.
    • Mobile App Developers - you guys must have NO problem finding gigs, so jealous.
    • Web Development - PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, MySQL (noSQL would be a plus, API experience with something like, say, Amazon Web Services).